The Freedom of Discipline

Watch the original interviews from the Delmarva Almanac to meet these artists who find a sense of freedom through their daily work discipline.


Lynne Lockhart

Lynne Lockhart is a native Eastern Shore artist who is known for impressionist paintings of landscapes, animals, and more. She creates masterful paintings with brush strokes that not only look effortless, but whose subjects look as if they could jump off the surface and come alive.

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Barbara Warden

Milton Delaware artist, Barbara Warden, turned to drawing as her primary medium having previously concentrated on the fiber arts, specifically quilting. Her expressionistic drawings are rich with texture and movement.

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Michele Green

Plein air painter Michele Green’s studio is the wide-open marshes of Somerset County, Maryland. Her daily year-round almost-all-weather discipline requires not only physical strength but tough tenacity.

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Scot Dolby

You might say that Scot Dolby is a fly fisher who paints. Or you could say that he is a painter who loves fly fishing. After a career as an elementary school teacher, Scot decided to take up both these endeavors full time. Scot is now known for his paintings of freshwater fish and landscapes.

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Erick Sahler

Erick Sahler is a serigrapher. That is he creates prints using silkscreen. Erick’s original limited edition prints are clean stylish icons of uniquely Eastern Shore places, events, and culture. Lessons from an Eastern Shore art legend helped him get started.

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Mike Quattrociocchi

Mike Quattrociocchi was introduced to woodworking at a very young age. When he was nine, his father and his uncles fixed up a barn for their use as a woodworking shop. They taught him the basics and he has been creating things ever since.

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Jason Giusti

Jason Giusti, a glass artist from Showell, Maryland, has a design sensibility based on simple elegant lines. Jason’s work is an alchemy between his knowledge, skill, and a sometimes-unpredictable collaborator: the fire.

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Monika Lilley

Monika Lilley is a fiber artist who runs the Upper Room studio in Berlin. She creates images of landscapes which invoke the wonder of nature. She calls fiber art a “made-from-scratch” art and she loves to introduce others to the joys of working in this medium.

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Betsy Hall Harrison

Betsy Hall Harrison is a batik artist who lives in Ocean City, Maryland and works in her studio in Berlin, Maryland. Batik is a resist technique using fabric dyes, and hot wax on silk. The colors are applied in layers beginning with lighter hues and finishing with darker ones or black.

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Kirk McBride

Kirk McBride is inspired by those special moments when the light plays across the landscape – making magic. Kirk paints in an Impressionist style with brush strokes that flow with an easy casual grace.

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Lois Engberg

Salisbury native, Lois Engberg has found a way to bring together several things she loves: painting, antiques, and gardening. She creates classic oil paintings with elements of each of these things.

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Fred Sprock

Snow Hill painter Fred Sprock’s creative interest initially was in pen and ink drawing. But taking oil painting classes convinced him that was his medium. His has an Impressionist style. But Fred says whatever it is it is a work in progress.

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Lillian Rippa

Smyrna artist Lillian Rippa is a master of Chinese Freestyle brush painting. Lillian practices her brushstrokes just about every day. She says that this discipline makes her more confident and actually gives her a sense of freedom in her work.

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