Telling Our Stories

Watch the original interviews from the Delmarva Almanac to meet these storyteller artists.


A. Aubrey Bodine

Hear the story of A. Aubrey Bodine the celebrated photographer, whose daughter sells his work from her home in Denton. The late Baltimore Sun photographer never lived here but he spent a great deal of time here documenting watermen and the way of life on the Eastern Shore.

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Debra Howard

Debra Howard is an expressionist painter whose recent work was inspired by an artist’s residency on Tangier Island. She takes just three colors red, yellow, and blue, to mix a myriad of hues that evoke the magical light she sees along our countryside.

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Geraldine McKeown

Geraldine McKeown is a painter who lives and works on picturesque farm in Fair Hill near historic Elkton, Maryland. Geraldine says art is a connection to the inner soul and that each painting is a direct response to a subject that has touched her emotionally. Geraldine finds that inspiration all around her.

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C Mercedes Walls

Milford artist C Mercedes Walls, also known as Cathy Walls, creates bright joyful paintings in a style that is both representational and expressionistic. She has discovered that some of the most enduring imagery is can be found in everyday experiences we can all relate to.

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C. Keith Whitelock

Salisbury painter C. Keith Whitelock may be the quintessential traditional Eastern Shore artist. A master watercolorist, he captures imagery long associated with a life which seems to be fading away, which represent the life of Delmarva’s watermen.

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Rich Smoker

Rich Smoker is a master waterfowl sculptor from Marion Station, Maryland. He has what many artists dream of: a life making art for a living. But, he’s not in it for the money. What Rich wants people to see is a guy who loved his work, who loved going to his shop every day.

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Maureen Bannon

Meet Stevensville artist Maureen Bannon who paints lovely landscapes in oils. She chooses quiet pastoral scenes that seem to have a story to tell: a boat yard, marsh grass poking through a fence, or a garden fountain and flowers in sunlight.

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Allen Sklar

During the summer Allen Sklar can be found running a business renting bikes on Ocean City’s Boardwalk. For a good part of the rest of the year you will find him on Assateague fishing and photographing the wild horses, resident eagles, and visiting raptors like peregrine falcons and snowy owls.

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Ric Conn

Ric Conn is known for his realistic pastel paintings of birds but he has devoted most of his time recently to more expressionistic images depicting contemporary young women. Ric says his work is mostly realism, real objects drawn or painted to look like themselves.

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Maureen S. Farrell

Meet Maureen S. Farrell a Cambridge, Maryland artist who creates mixed media works. She takes an expressionistic approach to storytelling through collages depicting women walking singly or in groups.

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Megan Burak

Using photo-realism, Berlin, Maryland painter Megan Burak explores ideas about things like privacy and relationships. Her goal with each composition is not to tell one specific story but leave the viewer wondering and imagining a story.

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Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry is perhaps the preeminent Impressionist painter from Worcester County. Patrick sees his work as a spiritual calling. He is prolific, painting a variety of subjects including rural Delmarva, and scenes from his travels.

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