Fearless Imaginations

Watch the original interviews from the Delmarva Almanac to meet artists with fearless imaginations.


Aurelio Grisanty

Artist Aurelio Grisanty has built a successful business designing stylish crisp graphic Art Deco inspired travel posters. His equally beautiful fine art paintings are more expressionistic which employ an unusual creative process that leads to paintings which build on each previous work.

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Rob Brownlee-Tomasso

Rob Brownlee-Tomasso is a painter who treats his subject matter to a graphic sensibility with black outlines, many layers and uncommon ingredients. He takes an unusual approach to his materials. For him it is all about breaking the usual conventions of art.

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Susan Holt

Susan Holt, of Salisbury, Maryland, breaks out from traditional art supplies to create thought provoking art installations, large three-dimensional works of art which are meant to be immersive interactive experiences for the viewer. Her creations take the viewer to unexpected places.

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Jan Kirsh

Jan Kirsh is a sculptor and landscape designer from Bozman, Maryland in Talbot County. She creates large voluptuous fruits and vegetables that have a great sense of sensual whimsy. Jan knows how to cast an enchanted spell with her work. She says fun is really important in the garden and in art.

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Maurice Spector

Maurice Spector grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania where he learned to love the land and working with his hands. Now he lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, on another farm creating timeless paintings, and unique sculptures.

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Isabel Umanzor

For Isabel Umanzor, a native of Chile, music was an important part of her upbringing. Today, her creative expression comes in the form of both writing and performing music. She also creates paintings which are moody and expressionistic. She calls them “graphic dreaming”.

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Bill Wright

Bill Wright is a science fiction and fantasy artist. He has a science background with a degree in biology which provides an eye for accuracy and plausibility in his life like compositions. His work has the beauty and power to inspire future exploration of this galaxy and beyond.

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Helene English

Helene English works from the reality she observes and then projects her own abstraction and stylization on to the subjects she paints which includes the tugboats that pass by her house on the Wicomico River, carousel animals, and humorous dog scenes.

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Patti Backer

Patti Backer paints large eyed-creatures and fantastical scenes on wood, old furniture, and canvas. She describes her art as “a mix of folk and lowbrow… sweet and sinister.” She is part of a new generation of folk artists bringing a touch of whimsy to the art world.

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Dana Simson

Meet Dana Simson the owner of Chesapeake East Gallery. She is a Salisbury painter, potter, jewelry maker, and book author. Across all these mediums you can see Dana’s light-hearted style and sense of humor. She says she wants people to insert themselves into her art and interact with it.

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Jack Knight

Jack Knight is a prolific artist who paints large canvases with geometric shapes and patterns in brilliant sometimes neon colors with a style reminiscent of 1960’s pop art. He also makes sculptural assemblages from found objects painted with a similar approach.

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Paul Volker

Snow Hill artist Paul Volker has done thousands of satirical paintings showing various animals doing very human things. He uses unconventional materials to create his paintings and bas-reliefs: house paint and recycled paper pulp. Paul wants to challenge the viewer to think beyond the ordinary.

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