About This Project

This book is dedicated to the artists of Delmarva who have inspired me with their skills, creativity, and humility…

Eight years ago, I began producing the Delmarva Almanac online. Since then I have interviewed 112 artists who live and work here on Delmarva. For two seasons, the publication ran as a radio show on Delmarva Public Radio out of Salisbury, Maryland. This work was like getting a master’s degree in fine art.

The artists that I met shared their insights on how they developed their technique, what inspires them, and what it means to live the artist’s life. 46 talented Delmarva artists who were interviewed for the Delmarva Almanac are participating in this book project which celebrates their work and inspiration. It is for anyone who loves art. It is also for anyone who loves this region called Delmarva.

Visit the artists found in each chapter and more information about them along with links to their interviews.

I would like to thank Lisa Challenger and the members of the Tourism, Arts, Downtown Development collective and eatdrinkbuyart.com for their support.

This project has been produced by Moonshell Productions and published via Salt Water Media in Berlin, Maryland.

Dana Kester-McCabe – Author – Artist
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About this project